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When it comes to the millennial cohort, the Vancouver real estate market can seem quite bleak on the surface. You can, however, still achieve your dream of Vancouver real estate if you're truly dedicated to it. High prices, low inventory, and new mortgage qualification changes be darned - it's still possible for many to become Vancouver millennial homebuyers with a lot of long-term planning and prioritizing.

If you're looking to become a Vancouver millennial homebuyer in the not-too-distant future, here are some tactics to keep in mind as you're kicking off the planning stages.

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Affordable Condos in Vancouver

It's no secret that affordability of Vancouver real estate is a frequent topic of conversation these days. The market is especially hot with condos averaging in the high $600,000s, but this hasn't affected the high volume of properties available in Vancouver.

While high-rise condos are extremely popular, a little exploration will reveal a series of low-rise and boutique condos, older apartment-style condos, and row homes available in Vancouver as well. These properties often feature ideal building amenities, adding to the value and convenience of each condo for its residents.

Beyond the variety of buildings, Vancouver is home to all kinds of diverse neighbourhoods to choose from, and it's still very possible to find pockets of more affordable

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